Welcome to the help POP-UP of lagalerie.com.

What is lagalerie.com ?
lagalerie.com is first and foremost a showcase to optimise the viewing of pictures from any given event. It is possible to order the pictures you find here, to pay them by the means of payment that suits you most and finally receive your prints at home .

To whom is this service destined ?
To event coordinators, to the people who attend the events, obviously, but also to other photographers in need of a simple and efficient way of solving the problems encountered when there is a need to show their photos as soon as the day after an event.

How does it work ?
Every gallery is protected by an access code to ensure privacy. If you have your code, type it in the box, respecting its exact form (uppercase, lowercase, spaces and dots). If you do not have your code, contact the person in charge of the event you attended so that he/she may give it to you.

Anyhting else ?
Yes. At any moment you may switch from English to French or vice-versa by clicking on the flag simbol (upper right hand corner).